Bedourie Oven – Lemon🍋Chicken🍗

Bedourie Oven - Camp Cook
Bedourie Oven

Lemon chicken in a Bedourie camp oven cooking it drover style. The Bedourie oven is aptly named, it was originally designed and used on an outback Australian Drover’s farm called Bedourie Station. Located in the Western Queensland town of Diamantina.

It was designed to replace the heavy and bulky Dutch oven (pfft poor person camp oven I say). The Bedourie Oven was made from spun steel which made it light weight and easy to pack, clean, cook on and carry. It has two components the base and the lid. The base was used for cooking stews, roast, scones and damper, the lid doubled as a frying pan (Yeah I’ll pay that one, that is pretty cool). Aussies, I must say we are clever bunch really.

Bedouire-Oven-Lemon-Chicken, Bedourie Oven - Camp Cook
Lemon Chicken

Bedourie Oven camp cooking is a style I would like to do more often, here is a recipe that I am keen to try next time we go camping using a Bedourie Oven. Looks delicious. Lemon Chicken, with couscous. Yumm! (What’s couscous, can I have rice and Tabasco Sauce?)

  • One butterflied chicken, lay it face down
  • Heaps of lemons (12) and all the juice
  • An entire garlic (probably)
  • Rough chopped parsley (it doesn’t last use the bunch)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste and
  • Chilli Powder (everything has chilli Powder)

Why not partake in a historical outback Australian tradition and give it ago. If you enjoyed this then head over to Tucker page for more recipes.