Cahills Crossing 🐊Crocs🐊 defies road rules.


At Cahills Crossing Crocs defy road rules by holding up the traffic, and causes a spectacle for onlookers.

Me – Why did the 🐊 cross the road 🛣 ?
Me – Why?
Me – Because he can, that’s why!

All jokes aside this place is dangerous to humans. The lady in orange took a huge gamble with her life when she stood so close to the edge. Cahills Crossing is in Kakadu National Park, Darwin. It leads you from Darwin into East Arnhem Land. Cahills Crossing Crocs have made quite a splash over the internet with a never-ending supply of video footage showing them swimming just near the edge of the causeway to just simply sunning themselves on the banks. Cahills Crossing is one of Australia’s most notorious water crossings.

If you are lucky like the videographer here, you might witness a croc making it way across Cahills Crossing. You may even be unlucky enough to catch the early demise of a tourist if they are silly enough to make themselves an easy lunch target. Wouldn’t catch me out of the car here no matter how much you begged. These guys that filmed this video were sensible enough to keep their distance and remain inside the vehicle.

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