Cape Hillsborough 🦘 to Townsville 🌴- Queensland Circuit Part 2.

Cape Hillsborough 🏖.

Cape Hillsborough 🏖.

So, after setting up camp at the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park we decided to head down to the beach to catch the sunset and look for the elusive kangaroos that Cape Hillsborough is famous for. Little did we know at the time that they are only on the beach at sunrise. After dinner, we spent some time on the beach that night trying our hand at some light photography and seeing if we could grab some shots of the Milky Way. If you watched our last video Queensland Circuit Part 1 – Calliope to Cape Hillsborough then you would have seen the results of that photography session. Pretty happy with the results of that session overall. Finished up at around midnight and then we hit the hay. Up at 5:30 am and grabbed the camera gear and headed down to the beach for sunrise. Was magical, the stars were still overhead from the night before, the sun was just starting to breach the night sky, the tide was out, and the beach was peaceful and calm.

Cape Hillsborough.

Sunrise with the Kangaroos🦘.

We made our way down the beach to discover that the Kangaroo’s had beaten us there. We came across 2 Eastern Grey Kangaroos and some adorable little Agile wallabies all gathered in a mob, all completely engrossed in foraging on the beach for some food. The kangaroos and wallabies are seeking the mangrove seedpods and seaweed that wash up on the beach to help supplement the extra nutrients in their diets.

🤔 What to expect when get onto the beach with the Kangaroos🦘.

Parks and Wildlife Volunteers oversee the public interactions with the animal. They are down on the beach to ensure that people keep their distance from the animals and to feed them some specifically formulated pallets to help keep them healthy. You can gather behind the border of the cordoned-off area to observe them happily munching away.

If you want to be able to photograph the mob, then ensure that you have equipment that can handle the low light conditions. It is best to avoid using the flash on your camera or phone as these animals are sensitive to light and will simply hop away if they are feeling overwhelmed.

We were lucky enough to have a corner spot on the border of the alloted area that allowed us to grab some awesome footage. Was one of our bucket list items to see the kangaroos and wallabies just doing their thing wandering up and down beach.

Next time we head back there we are keen to complete some of the nature walks like Wedge Island. You can only access it at low tide across a small causeway. Be sure that you check the tide times before embarking upon this walk for your own safety.

➡ Onwards to Townsville 🗺.

We stopped off at the Diversity boardwalk located just 5 mins from the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park. It is a pleasant walk that winds you through some well-established mangroves, a few patches of dense vine thickets and past an Aboriginal Midden.

Was a busy couple of days, but well worth it to see the Kangaroos on the beach. After we left Diversity boardwalk, we also made a quick stop off in Bowen along the way. Was very quick in fact. You will need to watch the video to find out why! Keep an eye out for our next episode Queensland Circuit Part 3 – Townsville to Mission Beach. Where we go in search of the mysterious Cassowary. If you missed our first episode Queensland Circuit Part 1 – Calliope to Cape Hillsborough you can watch it now.