What to do when your wheel bearings give way

What do when your wheel-bearings give way ?

Ever found your self in a situation that seems hopeless? That is exactly what happened to these lads when they were travelling in remote outback Australia . Imagine driving along at 100km per/hr and you suddenly notice a strange rumbling sound coming from one your wheel. You then have to ask yourself this simple questions, what do when your wheel-bearings give way? Where do I find my wheel bearings? These four crafty lads have a solution that will get you back on track in no time at all. Just need to head to the local Oppy’s car yard to get a new ones. Easy As! Got to give them points for ingenuity, skill and resourcefulness. Might need to make sure that you have an extensive tool box. Will defs need an axe.

Wonder how much they will charge for roadside assistance.Would be more then happy to pay a small fee for these lads to get the vehicle back on track.  Don’t imagine you would be getting RAC to come and help out in a hurry. This is classic. Love the bit when they accidentally start a fricken bush fire.

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