Driving on wet sand.

When you buy a 4WD and cant drive it, driving in wet sand is one way to learn a valuable lesson.

When you buy a 4WD and cant drive it.. driving on wet sand

Picture this, you are so happy because you have just managed to buy your first 4WD. You decide to go and test your new baby out driving on wet sand at Stockton Beach. BAM this happens! Here is a great example of when you buy a 4WD and can’t drive it. Some people seem to think that just because they can afford a 4WD , that they also instinctively will know how to go driving on wet sand beaches. These guys are just lucky that other Aussies are they to lend a hand. Clearly, he has not considered the basic physics of the tyre/sand ratio. Maybe his car salesman should have up sold a dead-man anchor for Just-in.

The driver of the white jeep (aka the when you buy a 4WD and cant drive it guy) is just so ecstatic to not be bogged on Stockton Beach anymore. Must of felt like an eternity . My hero wears blue shorts and a bucket hat. He just wants to hug everyone. Finally let me just add that if you want to go  driving on wet sand then just remember that PSI is truly the key to never get your rig stuck and never needing a bear ass hug from some random. 

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