Catch big mud crabs barehanded – Yum

Catch big mud crabs barehanded
Big Bluey 👍🦀

Need dinner in a hurry? Catch big mud crabs barehanded using this simple fence wire hack.

This is a great instructional video to help you to learn to catch big mud crabs barehanded. Don’t forget you will also need to know how to tie them up.

Handy set of skills to have when you find yourself around the mangrove areas in Australia.

Tips for catching mud crabs are pretty basic really. Mud crabs like to live in brackish water along riverbeds. Also look in and around the roots of mangroves. If you’re lucky you might find one just sun baking on the sand. It is important to try and avoid stressing them out. Tends to reduce the overall quality of their meat. Store them in an esky, place a wet towel over them to help mimic natural temperature if possible.

Seems simple enough.😅

Looking forward to eating some 🌶️ Chilli Mud Crab 🌶️ and saving myself $79.00 a kg. Head over to the Tucker page to find a recipe for 🌶️ Chilli Mud Crab 🌶️ . Delicious 😋

Please ensure that you are aware of the local laws and regulations in and around the areas that you intend to go crabbing in.
*Never take the females* or *crabs under 15cm (16″)*